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Photo Competition Rules and Requirements

Every month, members can enter one image into each of the categories according to their membership status (members - Pro categories and Limited members - Am Categories).  


1.  To submit photographs simply SIGN IN, then click on the category you wish to enter your photo, Professionals enter  into (Pro) categories and Amateurs enter into (Ama) categories. Once you go into the photo competition page you will see the 'PHOTO CATEGORIES' on the right hand side bar. The months will be listed under this title with the current month being at the top of the list. If you Click the month then it will show the categories for that month only in the main body of the page. Simply click on the category you wish to enter and select "ADD PHOTO" button which you will see in the top right hand corner, click this and follow the guides given there.


2. Images are limited to Maximum size : 1024x768 PIXELS JPG Files

Square images are limited to Max size : 768x768 PIXELS JPG Files 


3.  When preparing your submission, be careful not to add a canvas size to the image. We will allow a small stroke line around the image.

4.  When posting photos Please note that you no longer need to add any details to your images. We must remind you that you can only enter ONE image in to each category according to your status (Professional or Amateur) per month. If you do submit more than one image into one category for that particular month, images will be removed leaving only one entry. There will be no preference given to any image we will simply leave the first image that was submitted. 

4. (b) Please note that you need to have your name clearly written in your profile in the space provided and not your studio name for example. We need to have your name clearly written so we can correctly name your winning images each month and more importantly for the awards ceremony at the end of the year.   

5.  You can add a title to your image if you like but this is not necessary.

6.  Also to make it easier for the admin to sort the winning images for presentation it would be really nice if you could save the image, before submitting it to the site, with the above information in it as well.



7.  At the end of each competition the winning images will be displayed in a winners gallery. None of the images will be removed from the site, they will all be in previous months categeories for you see anytime you desire.  

8. Images can be re-entered in to either the same or a different category in other months. For example if you have received scores on an image but feel it could have done better in another category then feel free to re-enter that image into the following month.  


9. The scoring standard is as follows

                                               10 - Outstanding

                                                 9 - Excellent

                                                 8 - Very Good

                                                 7 - Good

                                                 6 - Average

                                                 5 - Acceptable

                                                 U - Unclassified (*)

(*) unclassified is anything placed into wrong categories or is so technically wrong.





The Judges will make their scores each month by placing their initials which you will see listed below, followed by their given score. You will find the scores next to your name,country etc in the caption box underneath your images.

The Scoring will beging on the morning of the 28th, the day after the months competition has closed.

The score will then be counted to determine the winners of each category. There will always be more than one judge scoring the categories, the scores will then be added together to find the averadge score.

If it so happens that we have two images with equal scores then another judge will be invited to place their score which will then determine the winner.  


 Joe Smith - JS

Trevor Yerbury - TY

Faye Yerbury - FJY

Costas Kyriakides - CK 

Paul Gallagher - PG

JLuis Guardia and Jose JLuis Gaurdia Vazques  - JLGV & JLG


Dennis Orchard- DO

Micael Ayers- MA

Walt Malone-WM

    Vincent O'Bryne - VOB 





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