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Licentiateship - LSPPI and LSAPI 



The Licentiateship (LSPPI, LSAPI) is the first level of The Society's Distinctions.

To be successful, you require a sound basic technical skill and you need to show that you are competent in all the areas set out in the criteria below. The Panel will look for evidence of your own developing personal style throughout your images.




Your application will require 20 images of applied photography in your choice presented in line with the presentation guides (see Below Criteria)



  • 20 Images in Digital File form with the longest side being 2000px
  • 1 A4 image (20cm x 30cm, 200dpi) Mapping the thumbnails of your 20 images, arranged in the order you wish you panel to be presented (the thumbnails should be presented in two horizontal lines in landscape orientation)





When you start putting your portfolio together, you need to consider the following criteria which are used in the marking system for this Panel; in order to be successful you need to score the pass mark as well as gaining a minimum mark in each section.




  • Editing, selection and sequencing should be considered to display the portfolio to its best advantage.
  • The overall impression should be cohesive.
  • Any repetition of similar images should be avoided.


Technique:  Camera work      


  • Controlling depth of field by using appropriate aperture.
  • Choice of shutter speed according to the subject to achieve accurate sharpness.
  • Highlight and shadow control, density and correct colour management.



Technique: Post Production 


  • Absence digital manipulation artifacts.
  • Evidence of tonal control.
  • Good image finishing and spotting
  • Attention to masking and colour management





  • An understanding of light and effect on mood and texture is expected as well as good use of colour.
  • Composition, design and cropping of the images should be visually satisfying.
  • Good use of masking and manipulation where appropriate
  • Intrusive and inappropriate backgrounds should be avoided and correct viewpoint considered.





  • Evidence is expected of personal input, understanding of, and empathy with the subject.
  •  Evidence of communication as appropriate of mood, ideas, narrative and information is required.
  • The choice of the medium should suit the subject and assist in communication.
  • An approach which shows some imagination and creativity is expected and an ability to capture the decisive moment.



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to read the Distinctions Guide? Yes, it is essential you read the relevant sections of this

Do I have to be a member of The Society before applying for the Licencateship? Yes

What format do I have to submit? Digital files either sent by CD or DVD to head office in Cyprus or Uploaded images to the www.dropbox.com site (see users guide) both adhering to the requirements given.

How many images should I submit? 20 images (digital files 2000px on the longest side)

Can I mix black and white and colour images? Yes, but think carefully how you display/sequence them so that you do not appear to be mixing them just in order to make up the numbers.

Do I have to apply for LSPPI LSAPI first? Yes. Unless you hold a Licencateship with the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photographers) or MPA (Master Photographers Association)  or RPS (SAPI only) (Royal Photographic Society) and then you will automatically receive the title LSPPI or LSAPI 

When will I hear the result of my application? All applicants will receive notification of the Panel?s recommendation by e-mail.

Can I get help if I am not recommended? Yes, all unsuccessful applicants receive feedback and whenever possible are put in touch with a Panel member for further advice.

Will my work be returned to me? Submissions on CD or DVD are not returned unless specifically requested.

Do I have to submit a variety of work to include landscape, portraiture, pictorial etc? No, if you have a particular area of interest in your photography, you can submit a portfolio of work on that subject. You should ensure, however, that you show variety in the composition, technique, lighting, etc.

Does my submission have to be on a specific theme? No, you can submit work with varied subject matter, but think about how the portfolio looks as a body of work.


Qualification fee: €150

Our qualification Guidelines are in accordance with the Royal Photographic's Society (est 1853) qualifications in order to achieve industry standards. The RPS is the first Society to introduce qualifications in this manner

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